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Azura Bay

100% Silk Oeko-Tex Scrunchie - Cream

$26.00 CAD

One Size

Handmade with love in Winnipeg, MB by Gwen + Danille - their motto is  Made STRONG like a mom by a mom. Loosethreadsco makes high quality hair scrunchies that are made to LAST and hold up for any occasion. I've tested these for a few weeks and worn them every day because they look cute and ACTUALLY HOLD MY HAIR! I have thin hair but it's fine and regular scrunchies always just fall out. 

Loosethreadsco has carefully sourced 100% SILK OEKO-TEX certified fabric to make these amazing high quality hair scrunchies.

Aside from looking pretty and feeling smooth, they are gentle to use for any hair types. The silk helps protect, dry, damaged, or weak hair to minimize breakage by reducing friction and tension associated with traditional hair ties.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water with mild shampoo, or 1:2 Ratio of water and vinegar. RINSE WELL and flay flat to dry.

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