Our Mission: Empowering women + protecting the planet

Hi friends! I’m Ashley. 👋🏼  I believe you were meant for big, amazing things. And I believe that our planet, and your body, deserve more than what they’ve been getting from fast-fashion bras and underwear. Way more. 

You shouldn’t be distracted by a painful underwire, or by worrying what chemicals are in your thong’s fabric. Or by wondering where they came from, and who gives their labor to get them in your hands. 

I founded Azura Bay to help you get dressed (or not 😉 ) in cute and comfy intimates that are kind to your skin, the planet, and the people who made them. I’ve done the homework to source and design soft, supportive, and beautiful bralettes, undies, and loungewear. All so that you don’t have to spend time endlessly researching brands, searching for pieces that will help you feel your best. Azura Bay intimates were made with you in mind, for whatever day they will carry you through. 

Every order gives back to 1 of 3 organizations: Because I am A Girl, WWF Canada, and The Nature Conservancy of Canada. You choose which at checkout, and we’ll ship your new styles to you in home-compostable mailers that break down safely in 90 days. Every piece is hand-wrapped with love by the team at our HQ in Treaty 1, Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

If you ever have questions or need help with sizing, send us a note at help@azurabay.com. We’d love to say hi. 

Xo, Ashley


"Like yoga pants for your boobs"

Jan L.

"Love the products, I've been telling everybody! Excellent quality, will order again!"

Nicole B.

"Love these post-baby! Great product and customer service"

Liane G.

"I was really impressed with how fast the order shipped"

Dominique L.

"Was nervous about fit given online, but products fit perfectly and I am amazed at how something so comfortable can look so great!"

Laura E.