Ladies we love: Q&A with Coco Boudoir Photography

Ladies we love: Q&A with Coco Boudoir Photography

Lizette of Coco Boudoir

This weekend we're popping up in downtown Winnipeg for our first hometown pop up shop, and we're so excited to be hosted by a fantastic photographer, Lizette of Coco Boudoir. Her space is private and gorgeous, and her photos are stunning. We chatted with her to get a learn why women leave her shoots feeling empowered, as well as her tips for your first shoot.


Name: Lizette or Elle (long story, but either work)

Hails from: Waterfront Drive, Winnipeg

Name of your business: Coco Boudoir Photography 

What does your business offer: Besides ravishing photo albums, canvases, and other high end products of yourself, Coco also offers an unforgettable experience. It's kind of like a day at the spa. You are pampered the moment you enter our luxurious studio, sipping on champagne while you get your hair and makeup done by our professional stylists and you leave with more confidence and swagger than you know what to do with.

When was your business launched: July 15 2010, but I have been a photographer since 2007.

Why did you start your business: Quite simply to empower women. When a client messages me after her shoot and says "I can't stop strutting since my session" or "I have such a new found confidence" then I know I have done my job. You can check out what our clients are raving about

What inspires you: My clients' personalties. I meet with all my clients beforehand to discuss what to expect, answer any questions they have and to get any "she's gonna see me naked" jitters out of the way. I usually get a pretty good indication of their overall vision then, and again the morning of their shoot when they unleash all their shoes, jewelry and wardrobe. You can tell a lot about a woman by what they bring to their session. The creativity juices usually flow from there.

Who is your ideal client: The everyday woman. I photograph all women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages. The women you see on my website/social media are not models, and have no experience being in front of the camera. They are all moms, teachers, nurses...proof that everyone can do this. I am there to guide you every step of the way and make you look and feel exquisite.

What are some reasons someone would do a boudoir shoot: My favourite reason, is no reason at all. When a client comes in and they are doing it simply for themselves, those become the most empowering sessions. Of course, if you need a reason you can do it as a Christmas, Valentine's day, anniversary, or birthday gift. I have a lot of brides-to-be gifting their grooms, and even something I like to call "eat your heart out sessions" for those ladies needing some empowerment after a relationship break up.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone thinking about doing a Coco shoot: Don't wait for a better you. The most common excuse I hear ALL the time is "I'd love to do this but I need to lose weight." First of all, you don't. I am a pro at posing you in flattering angles to bring out your assets and minimize your insecurities. Second, while you have the best intentions, you may be waiting a very long time. 

When should I book if I want this done for Christmas? ASAP! Our holiday deadline is Friday November 18. It generally takes about 6 weeks from the time of your session to the date you are needing your final product in hand. We have a few openings still available. 

Contact us through our site or to book your Coco experience. 

*And of course, Azura Bay has many great outfit options, and if you are willing to share photos, email us at for a special reward!*

Coco Boudoir Photography Products  Coco Boudoir Photography Winnipeg

Coco Boudoir Photography Winnipeg

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