Canadian Trendsetters in Ethical Fashion

Canadian Trendsetters in Ethical Fashion

Canadians coming together to make fashion better 🙌🏽

One of the beautiful things that happened in 2020 was Canadians coming together - to support each other through the pandemic, lift up small businesses, and choose products that would be better for people and the planet.  From Port Moody, BC to Yellowknife, NWT, to Shelbourne, NS, Canadians have come together this year to shop small + local and I appreciate it so much! We used to ship 70% to USA / 30% to Canada and this year those numbers swapped! 


And now a little more on the trends we've seen in 2020:

Did you know that we're based in Treaty 1, Winnipeg, MB? We ship all over the world and across Canada - our furthest North order this year was to Yellowknife, NWT - Thank you to our friends up there, hope you're staying comfy! 

A look across the country and what you are loving:

East coast - I love seeing all the different communities who order, I've had the opportunity to do a quick trip to the east coast and have wanted to go back ever since... thank you for choosing ethical style! Your fav hemp undies are a great closet staple for any weather ;). 

QC - the support local culture is so strong in Quebec, thank you so much + merci beaucoup! I love your choices of beautiful colours - though black is also a chic staple there too. 


ON - thank you so much to team Ontario, you've been making great choices in #ethicalfashion this year as our biggest supporter and we couldn't be more grateful. What's on trend in TO? Bright pops of colour + lace

MB - Oh hey, hometown friends! Thank you for being the #2 supporter of ethical clothing this year! There was a time when no one knew where we were from, but no longer - and I can't wait to spy your reversible bralette styles on Corydon next summer 😉 🙌🏽

The prairie love runs deep for me, as I spent many years as a kid living in Edmonton + Calgary. My prairie friends know the importance of choosing organic, and you love the organic cotton undies bundles (great call!). 

BC - you love nothing more than respecting the outdoors + keeping things minimal, which makes sense to me that your fav item is our Organic Cotton Triangle Bralette

I thought this would be a fun way to show you the trends of your friends across the country, this year it's more important than ever to shop small, local, ethical + eco as we work together to support each other and a brighter future. Thank you so much for your ongoing support! xo, Ashley


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